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Prosper Financial Planning has built a strong reputation for delivering superior services to our clients. Our main focus is to make your money work harder and smarter. 

What this means to you is that we take away the headaches that come with administrative duties, corporate jargon and investment anxieties; and present you with simple and easy to understand options.

What this really means is that you are now free to focus on your professional and enjoy your personal lives, whilst knowing that you have taken good care of your future.



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Making investment decisions about your superannuation fund can be confusing. With a plethora of investment options and layered fee structures, some superannuation providers raise more questions than provide answers.

We specialise in giving unbiased advice on superannuation funds and Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF). Since we are not aligned with any banks or financial institutions, our advice is based solely in your best interest.



When you have worked so hard to save your money, it is also important to safeguard yourself and your family against the unplanned events.

We make it our mission to protect our clients through a range of Life insurance, Total and Permanent Disability insurance, Income Protection insurance and Trauma insurance covers.

We work with a panel of insurance companies to make sure we provide the best solution for your situation.

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What good is money if you can't have fun?

When you have decided that you will work because you want to, not because you have to; it's time for us to get down to work and make sure the fun continues on.

We specialise in Transition to Retirement, Investing in Properties through Self Managed Super Fund, Annuities, Capital Protected Investments, Pension, Taxation Planning, Family Trust and Estate Planning.

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We understand that getting a home loan can be a stressful experience.

Whether you are buying your first home, expanding your investment property portfolio or simply looking for a better deal; we will help you find the best home loan solution to meet your needs.

We work with a panel of lenders to find the most ideal home loan structure that fits with your goals, budget and timeframe.


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